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Hello and welcome to the
London Clinic of Hypnotherapy
I am Lydia Johnson
Founder + Hypnotherapist
Mindfulness + Meditation Coach

Hello and welcome to the
London Clinic of Hypnotherapy
Founder: Lydia Johnson
Hypnotherapist, EFT
Mindfulness + Meditation Coach

Time to make a cup of tea….there is useful advice and support here – no need to leave the bedroom or sofa for techniques to calm even today.

Do you feel:

– Anxious and burnt out

– Depleted of energy, overwhelmed

– Inner-critic, angst and negative noise on full volume


Some days are just about functional, other times you are depleted of energy, low mood taking over.

Perhaps you are self-soothing with unhealthy patterns of behaviour, there is little or no moderation.


Emotional eating for comfort

– Binge drinking or online shopping to change the mood

Conflict with loved ones

–  Anxiety reigning supreme – panic attacks rolling in


We CAN HELP YOU through this uncertain time and beyond, whatever the weather or current climate – it is our STATE OF MIND that is paramount.


Along with subconscious patterns of behaviour holding you back, our conscious mind can also be keeping us supposedly ‘safe’.


By tapping into your subconscious:


– We are able to eradicate behaviours that are not useful


– We can learn to let go of relentless loops and patterns keeping us stuck – such as panic attacks or addictions


Our bodies are incredible at responding to nervous tension, think butterflies or blushing.

If we mind manage and create positive neural pathways, we are able to align our bodies to work in the right way, alleviating stress.

We can effectively unlock:


Deep-rooted behaviours that are ineffectual, allowing you to move forwards into new beginnings.

Lydia Johnson London Clinic Hypnotherapy
Lydia Johnson London Clinic Hypnotherapy

Along with turning down negative noise, we create a powerful platform for lasting and positive change.

Let go of:

  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Self-sabotage
  • Fear of failure
  • Toxic emotions
  • Hidden rage
  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism & comparisonitus
  • Negative self-talk & inner critic
  • Bad habits

You will feel:

  • A deeper sense of inner calm and clarity after a session – a seismic shift
  • Connection with your sense of self and core values
  • Able to reclaim the bond with all your close relationships and revitalise their dynamics
  • A sense of control over bad habits and addictive tendencies
  • Ready to let go of negative patterns of behaviours holding you back
  • A sense of realignment and focus, able to access your ambition
  • A fresh confidence and energy, to enhance creativity and balance in your life
  • Able to turn down negative noise, to step into your power and plug into your intuition
  • Resilience – with an updated, bespoke tool kit and mental clarity that is easily accessible

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4 week online course with meditations included in each and

packed full of mind altering information to uplift and transform.

‘Learn to turn down negative noise’

What is Hypnosis?

About Hypnotherapy

Def : ‘Hypnosis alters our state of consciousness in such a way that the analytical left-hand side of the brain is turned off, while the non-analytical right-hand side is made more alert. The conscious control of the mind is inhibited, and the subconscious mind awoken’

Hypnosis has a dated, zany reputation, stemming from the turn of the century- involving pendulums, out of body experiences, chicken impersonations and a ‘look into my eyes, look into my eyes’ analogy.

At the London Clinic of Hypnotherapy we want to eliminate all the myths and outdated associations.

Hypnosis is recognised by the NHS as a complementary therapy and can help many problems from diabetic children with needle phobias to Company Directors crippled with the fear of presentations. It simply re-programmes unwanted thought patterns to move forward the area of your life that needs attention. Change your thoughts to change your life.

A survey of psychotherapy literature by Alfred Barios PHD revealed the following recovery rates:


At the clinic we use four main pillars of support:


Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not a state of deep sleep. We lull you into a deeply relaxed mode, gently allowing you to tune out of your conscious mind and daily routine. We can then access your subconscious mind, that is open to change. You have the power to do this also and we help you learn hypnotherapy techniques, suggestions and affirmations.

The conscious mind is in neutral and the subconscious mind is in gear. We suggest ideas, concepts and lifestyle improvements to you, during the hypnotic state, after an in depth session to understand your individual needs. Everyone is unique. For example, if you want to overcome a fear of flying, you may try everything consciously to do it, but will still fail as long as your subconscious mind retains this terror – therefore preventing you from succeeding solo.

Long term progress can be made by reprogramming your subconscious / unconscious landscape of the mind so that deep-seated instincts and beliefs are challenged and therefore altered. You can remain fully awake and aware of your surroundings and situation, during hypnosis.

It is paramount you want to change your behavioural habit or addiction and are highly motivated to do so, you have to want the change for it to be fully effective.

Life is ever evolving and we need to move forward for positive outcomes. Our thoughts control our actions.


Tapping is a combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology that works to physically alter your brain, energy system and body all at once.

The practice consists of tapping with your fingertips on specific meridian points while talking through traumatic memories and a wide range of emotions.

Tapping sends signals directly to the stress centres of the mid-brain, not mediated by the frontal lobes (the thinking part, active in talk therapy). Because EFT simultaneously accesses stress on physical and emotional levels, EFT gives you the best of both worlds, body and mind, like getting a massage during a psychotherapy session.

In fact, it is EFT’s ability to access the amygdala, an almond-shaped part of your brain that initiates your body’s negative reaction to fear, a process we often refer to as the ‘fight or flight’ response, that makes it so powerful. It also taps into the nervous system to soothe and restore.


Mindfulness is a simple and very powerful practice of training our attention. It is simple as we are really just paying attention to what is happening in the here and now (eg: sensations, thoughts and emotions) in a non-judgemental way. It is powerful because it can interrupt the habit of getting lost in thoughts, mostly about the future or past, which often generates more stress on top of the real pressures of everyday life.

With practice, mindfulness can serve as the perfect antidote to healing stress that can sometimes undermine our health, performance and quality of life, and can provide a sensation of relaxation. Indeed the evidence has shown that it can be an effective aid in the treatment of many mental and physical health issues, as well as generally improving our performance, relationships, and well-being.


Meditation cuts back your stress chemistry (like cortisol and adrenaline) and replaces it with natural bliss chemistry (like dopamine and serotonin).

Meditation develops full-brain functioning. Your prefrontal cortex is activated, alpha waves increase and neurophysiology changes so you think clearly and make good decisions.

The very deep rest of meditation does two things: gives you lots of energy and calms your system so you can fall asleep (and stay asleep!)

Stress weakens your immune system and speeds up ageing. Meditation reverses this: you get sick less often and you stay youthful.

When you’re healthier, happier and thinking clearly, you’re nicer to be around. All your relationships get better.

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