Hypnotherapy for phobias

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Hypnotherapy for Stress Relief


One strategy, when negative thinking occurs, is to go through five things you are happy about in your life right now.

Sometimes I have found myself battling to push something that’s upset me out of my mind.

Underpinning it all is the law of attraction, whereby you attract what you put out there, so, thinking positively puts you on a positive vibration meaning you attract more of the same. In this way, we are masters of our own destinies.

Hypnotherapy is much like guided meditation, whereby you are led into a state of deep relaxation blurring your conscious and subconscious minds. During the journey, the hypnotherapist dictates positive instructions, with the outcome of instigating more positive thinking, so when you walk out in a bit of a daze, your brain has somewhat been reprogrammed to be a bit more breezy.

She explains that all of this helps you empty your bucket, your mind being the bucket which we put all the stuff we need to process in. This gets emptied during our sleep state, which is why we wake up feeling less burdened by the things that were bothering us the day before. But if the bucket is overloaded, it never gets truly emptied, meaning it’s harder to cope with the smallest of things.