We can help you overcome addiction. From alcohol and drug dependence to being addicted to love, work, gambling or pornography. In fact, we can become addicted to just about anything if it helps us to avoid painful or difficult feelings – or prevents us from living our lives in a healthy way.


Many people suffering from dependency desperately want to be relieved from addiction, get out of the relentless cycle & live normal, healthy and happy lives.


With addictions, hypnotherapy can be a process of gradual improvement and is a very helpful support to a 12 step recovery programme.
We can work together with this. We think this programme is highly effective.

Repetition and persistent support is necessary to be effective in working with substance abuse and other addictions. There may be changes in the way the brain functions and our body chemistry, therefore we have to be sensitive to this vulnerable time.


We look in depth into the specific addiction to relieve the unconscious feelings, releasing the pain and negative self-belief systems engrained.

As a result it can change the addictive patterns and behaviours and we can help move life forward free from these associations. For good.

We recommend at least 6 sessions.

Please contact the clinic for a complimentary 20 minute consultation