Depression can be extremely debilitating and all encompassing, sometimes mentally and physically.

Although it creates chemical changes in our brain, the causes of the condition very often stem from emotions and feelings we can’t cope with, such as a childhood trauma or unresolved grief.


It can be a by product of leaving a challenging work position, or a life changing event, such as a divorce.

It can trigger negative thought patterns which create isolation, a need to withdraw from the outside world.


Depression can often have a subconscious role, it is our body’s way of protecting us from further emotional pain and deep rooted anger. It meddles with our sense of self-worth, feelings of inadequacy – losing ones tenacity to function and make responsible life enhancing decisions.

Hypnotherapy can be used as a way of dismantling the depression with gaining an understanding of your individual belief systems.

There is usually conflict to be resolved and hard work to do, to resolve the crisis.


We can help undo the mental blockages and help you move forward by communicating effectively with your unconscious mind – promoting change in your thought processes, with a more positive way of thinking.

Depression does not have to be permanent, despite how hopeless and lost we can feel – hypnosis works.


We recommend at least 6 sessions.

Please contact the clinic for a complimentary 20 minute consultation