Stress Management

Research has shown that excessive stress over a prolonged period of time can lead to mental and physical illness, including depression, hypertension, nervous breakdown, heart disease and skin conditions.


Hypnotherapy can help you learn new techniques in your life such as breathing and meditation so you can be more positive and resilient on a daily basis.


We can do adrenal tests and cholesterol tests to see how your body is physically performing – using this as a guide to clock your improvements – stress can be hard to guage.


Many people suffer from stress at certain times in their life.


Disease can be complicated further by stress, so we are hear to stop it in its tracks.

The following are symptomatic of stress:

• Megraines
• Over tiredness
• Insomnia
• Sweating
• Indigestion
• Heartburn
• Chest Pains
• Heart palpitations
• Sexual problems
• Loss of appetite or over eating
• Depression
• Inability to make decisions
• Crying often
• Fear of failure
• Lack of humour
• Hopelessness
• Low self esteem


We recommend at least 6 sessions

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