About me…

Lydia Johnson (D. Hyp, NLP, GHR Reg. BATTH, EFT, Mindfulness and Meditation) – Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Meditation, Mindfulness and Emotional Freedom Technique – founder of the London Clinic of Hypnotherapy.

Get to know me a bit better….I am an experienced, contemporary Practitioner with an extensive training under my belt. I love running the London Clinic of Hypnotherapy.
I have unfortunately or fortunately dealt with many obstacles over the years….there is no judgement in a session and there is an emphasis on creating a cosy and comfortable space to share.

Conflicted decision making, anxiety, teen angst, self-sabotage, burn out (to name a few) and my health and hope waning – I stumbled upon Hypnotherapy in my twenties, certainly ready for change!

This was a revelation, a transformational pinnacle moment, for which I am seriously grateful.

I love the effectiveness of hypnotherapy and seeing the same progress in my clients is immense, in a relatively short space of time.
The power and potential of our state of mind is extraordinary, it is fascinating how we can tap into these skills to let go of negative noise.

I have learnt over time, that we all have the ability to manifest the lives we desire, the life we actually want to live in, if we are open and ready to evolve.

Hypnosis is a safe way to open blocks, re-programme pathways and build confidence.

Positive re-framing to uplift your thoughts and change your world, it is a supportive, effective transformational tool.

I love to help all those who feel lost, teens, wild twenty somethings, performers, midlife unease, parental blues, and anyone stuck in a loop.
Each individual has their own story and I can support you through yours.

I have always been fascinated with the mind and body connection along with a compassionate and curious nature and a desire to help others. There is no better feeling!

It is important getting to know the client, looking at lifestyle, diet, nutrition and stress levels and other areas of your life that may be relevant.

ydia Johnson London Clinic Hypnotherapy

We focus on family, health, work, relationships and sense of self.
Listening with empathy and understanding is first and foremost, and using my expertise to help you through the challenging points in your life.

It’s fascinating working with all walks of life and I feel passionately about teaching the benefits to all.
Confidentiality and discretion is also key when working privately with celebrities, musicians, artists, models, doctors, entrepreneurs and all those in between. I fully understand the sensitive nature of this role.