At the London Clinic of Hypnotherapy we care about the individual needs of each client with a strong emphasis on discretion and confidentiality.

We treat all kinds of issues and ailments in a busy, frenetic world. We listen carefully to your individual needs using effective hypnotherapy and mindfulness techniques, for long term results. We enable you to turn down negative noise and mental blocks, creating a more upbeat and focused approach to many areas of your life.

Long term progress can be made by reprogramming your subconscious landscape of the mind so that deep-seated patterns and beliefs are challenged and therefore altered. It is solution focused and up-lifting.
Change your thoughts and you can change the world around you. Hypnotherapy works and we will use the session as that platform for change.

At the risk of sounding cliched we can cultivate the life you want to live in free from past traumatic stress and trigger responses. Get in touch, we would LOVE to hear from you.

Reviews London Clinic Of Hypnotherapy
Emily Budden
I was hesitant to start working on myself and my life long issues but Lydia is so warm and welcoming, she made it easy and enjoyable. It’s such a relaxed and lovely environment which makes Hypnotherapy far less daunting. It really is life changing and I can’t recommend Lydia and her services enough. I have noticed a huge change in myself which I never thought would be possible and am so grateful. Thank you.
Reviews London Clinic Of Hypnotherapy
David Anderson-Moreton
From my initial conversation with Lydia to leaving my session, I felt at ease. Lydia's calm demeanour, amazing knowledge, and friendly approach are exactly what is needed at a time when things aren't going according to plan. The awesome workspace in which the session was held, is just another piece of the fantastic puzzle she has to offer. I've been fortunate to work with some amazing therapists but this was on another level. If you're serious about overcoming some bumps in the road of life, Lydia is the person you must see!!!!
Reviews London Clinic Of Hypnotherapy
Heather Steele
I didn't know much about how hypnotherapy worked before my session with Lydia, but I truly believe it works, if you're willing to commit to change. Lydia's studio is a lovely space in Soho – I felt really relaxed right away. I enjoyed my session with Lydia and felt great afterwards, but the highlight was the personalised audio recording, which was so valuable and forced me to make time each day to relax and reflect. Even though I finished my 21 days in November, I still listen to the audio when I need a boost or want to carve out some time to meditate. Now tempted to book another session to dedicate time to other areas of my life I'd like to focus on for 2024!
Reviews London Clinic Of Hypnotherapy
Lucie Willis
I cannot recommend enough! I came to Lydia a few months ago as I was fed up after 3+ years of struggling with the same issues that were affecting both me and my relationships. Lydia is honestly incredible and no exaggeration has changed everything! She has shown me a whole new way of seeing life and taught me so many tools and techniques to apply everyday to all situations. She always goes the extra mile to give up her time and make me feel understood. Thank you so much! 🙂
Reviews London Clinic Of Hypnotherapy
Cosimo Di Totero
I’ve been suffering from anxiety and occasional panic attacks for years and after some research I came across Lydia. I booked a 3 hours Breakthrough session at her beautiful studio in Soho. She has been doing some digging to try to understand my issues and in the last hour we had a hypnotherapy session which she recorded and send it to me to listen to. I remember as soon as I got out of her Studio I felt very light and positive, and connected. Lydia is very knowledgeable and professional and I would recommend her service to anyone who’s experiencing stress, anxiety or depression.
Reviews London Clinic Of Hypnotherapy
Natalia Wolski
A truly transformative experience with the incredible Lydia. I would recommend it to anyone seeking calm and clarity in any area of their life. The process is thorough, emotional and deeply thought provoking; Lydia is calm, gentle and kind and the audio perfectly reinforces the process. Months of therapy in just one session - don’t hesitate.
Reviews London Clinic Of Hypnotherapy
Joanna King
Hi Lydia Thank you for a very enjoyable and , I feel confident, fruitful session today - it was a very relaxing time considering how much soul baring was going on. I very much look forward to listening to the audio again tonight and for the next 21 days. I feel very fortunate to have discovered your work, you are very talented at drawing one out and making it so obviously non judgemental.
Reviews London Clinic Of Hypnotherapy
I cannot express how immensely grateful I am for the incredible journey embarked on at the London Clinic of Hypnotherapy led by exceptional Lydia! From the very beginning the experience my daughter had was nothing short of transformative.. Lydia posses a remarkable gift which I feel establishes her apart from the rest. She is kind, warm, approachable. Her expertise in hypnotherapy in unparalleled. She is deeply passionate about helping others, and her overall commitment to her clients wellbeing during and after care is remarkable. We had tried numerous therapies before for my daughter , non of which seemed to help in the slightest. However just after the first session my daughter showed immense progress I could see a change for the absolute best in her. The deep shadow work my daughters embarked on truly, She is a different person. Calm and not angry anymore. I’ve gotta my happy girl back 🙏 Lydia’s approach is a blend of empathy and expertise, She has created a safe and nurturing environment and my daughter was able to open up making it all the better to work with the challenges facing her. I wholeheartedly recommend Lydia and the London Clinic of Hypnotherapy to anyone who has struggled to find success with other therapy types. Lydia is highly skilled - combined with unwavering dedication you will be so happy to have found her. Just like we are. Thankyou Lydia!
Reviews London Clinic Of Hypnotherapy
Maria Jose Subiela
Happy three-weeks anniversary of no- refined sugar for me! Who would have thought it was even possible. Thank you Lydia for your fab work with me, it has been totally transformational. Mj
Reviews London Clinic Of Hypnotherapy
jagdeep Singh
Lydia is very intuitive and understands the challenges of modern human beings, her approach has been very holistic, Thank you for your wonderful service 🙏🏼🙏🏼😀