Terms and Conditions

Fees – Pricing and Policy

We offer a free 20 minute telephone conversation prior to booking an appointment to see how we can help you best.

An hourly session entails Integrative Mind Breakthrough using a combination of NLP, life coaching and mainly hypnotherapy in a single session at £195

We combine this with conciliatory and modern psychology for a breakthrough session at £545
This lasts 3 hours and can take place face to face or on Zoom.

Fees are invoiced in advance and The London Clinic of Hypnotherapy reserve the right to cancel pre booked sessions where full payment has not been made.


Terms and Conditions

Payment is invoiced and paid at least 48 hours prior to the session commencing.
We only work with committed individual who are focused on achieving marked improvement in their own personal and professional development.
Once a programme is booked and paid we do not offer refunds or part refunds.
Where sessions are missed or re arranged by the client without 48 hours notice this will count towards overall programme sessions.
Please be sure you are committed to change prior to embarking on our Hypnotherapy programme.
It is highly effective if you are focused.
We strongly encourage to take advantage of our free consultation and to speak to us in depth prior to committing to any long term programmes to ensure the programme is the right one for you.


Payment for Sessions

We offer a direct payment facility at no extra charge where you simply pay your bill directly online.
We allow except cash, cheques or credit cards 48 hours prior to your appointment.
For ongoing clients we are happy to invoice you at the end of each month and would require payment within 7 days of receipt.
All major credit cards are accepted.
We reserve the right to debit outstanding payments from the payment details we have on file for you where our invoices are not met by the due date.



Please note that the effects of therapy may differ for different clients. No therapy can give you a 100% guarantee of a cure. All clients are required to complete a questionnaire form before undertaking hypnotherapy, in which you will be asked to disclose certain medical information. Whilst clinical hypnotherapy is very safe, if you are epileptic, or undergoing psychiatric treatment, then you should obtain a letter from your medical practitioner to confirm that you may have hypnotherapy.



Success of recommended treatments and therapies depend entirely on an individuals commitment to attending sessions and following action plans agreed between the practitioner and client.
In the specific case of clinical hypnosis, susceptibility can be varied and this will be tested prior to any hypnosis sessions taking place.
Please note some calls maybe recorded for training and competency purposes.