Hypnotherapy for fertility

Hypnotherapy for Fertility at the London Clinic of Hypnotherapy

Fertility is an understandably sensitive issue – with an all encompassing, rollercoastering journey that many couples have to face.

According to the NHS, one in seven British couples struggle to conceive.  Heartbreaking figures. 

Fertility can cause immense pressure on all family members, whichever route you decide to do, and there are many options.

When conception does not fruition easily, of course it is stressful, the unknown reigning supreme and anxiety in the driving seat – these emotions themselves can prove detrimental for fertility and your frame of mind.

Every thought we have has a direct impact on the body, think butterflies when nervous or blushing when red.

Fertility can be a  frustrating situation, however finding ways to keep stress hormones from spiking can be extremely beneficial. 

Although fertility is usually perceived as  purely a medical issue,  the mind and body are intrinsically linked, as we know in Hypnotherapy.

If you have been diagnosed with medical infertility then you should continue to follow the advice of your medical practitioner. However, Hypnotherapy can be a very complementary treatment for fertility and all the issues surrounding this too.

Fertility Hypnotherapy is a soothing and effective treatment, enabling a state for deep relaxation and therefore creating the optimum environment for natural conception.

Is Hypnotherapy beneficial for those struggling to conceive? 

Of course there are many reasons why women might find it difficult to conceive, often physiological ones. 

But even when the physical cause of infertility is identified and treated it’s still possible that psychological factors like stress and anxiety are playing a role.

Stress and anxiety release the hormones adrenaline and cortisol from the brain into the body. Too much can make it difficult to conceive because they affect the part of your brain that controls other hormones.

And it’s not just the female hormones. Studies suggest that high levels of stress can reduce testosterone levels and semen quality which can have negative implications. 

When we are relaxed the brain produces endorphins which helps restore hormone balance, regulate the nervous system and promote a healthy immune system. 

But there are often also additional subconscious conflicts that need to be resolved before conceiving, which is why our fertility sessions at the London Clinic of Hypnotherapy sessions are so beneficial – especially as it’s estimated that up to 17% of couples will suffer from psychogenic infertility.

The subconscious mind can play a pivotal role in either assisting or resisting conception and because the subconscious mind doesn’t understand or work at a similar time, it can take a while for it to synchronise with your psychological or emotional state.

In clinical hypnotherapy, we identify conscious and unconscious issues that may be preventing conception, tackling issues like negative self-talk, anxiety and overcoming limiting beliefs about becoming pregnant.

Many men and women have negative beliefs regarding pregnancy and birth, in many cases carried from childhood and where this is the case, we work to replace those beliefs with a more positive view of conception and birth using suggestions and visualisations that are often rejected at a conscious level.

We can clear teenage fears about pregnancy and where appropriate resolve emotional issues and events from the past, such as terminations, grief and miscarriages.

What goes on in a Hypnotherapy session?

At the London Clinic of Hypnotherapy, we offer an initial consultation to discuss your needs and concerns, so we can organise the best way forward for your fertility hypnotherapy plan.

We usually recommend 3 – 6 sessions where we can eliminate the main negative cycles  and relentless loops keeping us stuck. If we mind manage and create positive neural pathways, we are able to function in an optimum way, alleviating

How you might expect to feel during and after hypnotherapy? 

Deeply relaxed and completely in control, a meditative state.

Clients can expect to feel relaxed and peaceful at the end of a hypnotherapy session, also a seismic ‘shift’ has taken place, like shackles that have been released, weights lifted off shoulders. 

Conscious and subconscious mind aligned.

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