Couples Hypnotherapy

You’re both trying to navigate life on different terms but it doesn’t mean you need to grow apart…perhaps conflict is reigning supreme. Hypnotherapy can help you let go of past triggers keeping you on a cycle….

At the Clinic, we work with ambitious individuals, just like you, who are desperately seeking a tools and techniques to instil a sense of calm within their relationship, a safer haven.

  • Your life is too busy
  • Sometimes chaotic
  • You are constantly pushed for time
  • You’re craving more connection and space to connect with your core values, your
    work, your children and with your intimate, close relationships
  • Well-being and self-care feel out of reach and at the bottom of the pile, your
    to-do-list is never ending, and you just can’t seem to prioritise

Living in a state of constant overwhelm fuels unhealthy habits that you just can’t break long term, and you slip into cycles and patterns of behaviour when swamped.


Sometimes you feel like you are thriving but other times you feel detached, anxious and full of fear. You know that something needs to change within the relationship, but you just don’t know how. Everyone else around you seems to have it sewn up with coping mechanisms in place, but you and your supposed love one may seem fiery or unfulfilling.


The rollercoaster ride feels exhausting and the negative noise in your head is pushing you towards avoidance and burn out. It’s this juxtaposition of feeling in control and upbeat one moment to feeling engulfed the next, that we can really soothe. Possibly you are trying for a baby, or already juggling being a parent and navigating a sound career –  often a relentless and thankless task, sometimes we do not feel like any of our roles are excelling.

Sometimes you need that extra hand despite sometimes making it look  like everything is flourishing on the outside. I help people like you to re invigorate and revitalise your sense of self so that you can enrich all areas of your life – and have a nurturing relationship once more.


Together we will create a supportive space for you and your partners’ specific needs, we are all unique, so that you can finally feel harmonious within your relationships, your responsibilities, and your own sense of self.

We can help you understand more about yourself, by learning deep rooted beliefs that your subconscious has embedded and realigning those.

We tap into your authentic self, remembering your self worth, letting go of overthinking and constant comparison. We were not born to be frazzled!

The techniques we use are non-evasive and a safe way to open blocks, re-programme pathways that are limiting your life and to build confidence. Positive reframing to uplift your thoughts and change your world, it is a supportive and transformational journey for moving forward.


I take you step by step into your most empowered, authentic and confident self.

We focus on :


– Resolving conflict – tools and techniques


– Self regulating after disregulation – past traumatic stress responses – nervous system support


– Letting go of subconscious patterns and past trauma from previous relationships


– Attachment styles – understanding differing types


– Individual triggers + relationship triggers


– Overcoming own parents relationship styles – atmosphere at home as a child


– Core values – reminders – reasons together


– Honesty and trust cycle – benefit of doubt


– Be the change you want to see – compliments, gratitude and appreciation


– Commitment – contract for future being together


– Daily rituals to enhance mood + closeness