Reset Relationships

Whether you are looking for love and subconsciously looking in the wrong places or getting involved in relationships that are not healthy for your wellbeing. You may be in a relationship that feels like dreary wallpaper over time and needs a fresh perspective, a different outlook. Or you may have been internet dating with a series of confusing and unsatisfactory dates, lost in a cycle of online potentials….
Hypnotherapy can help you let go of limiting belief systems, thought patterns keeping you on a loop and your subconscious compounding it all. It is a great platform for change and a practical support for all manner of woes, a reset for relationships.

Hypnotherapy to help and support :


  • Online dating struggles
  • Relationship maintenance
  • Letting go of toxic relationships
  • Co dependence issues
  • Relationship loops
  • Turmoil and trust scars
  • Post relationship and divorce grief
  • Manifesting your ideal partner

It is often our fears and insecurities which prevent us from finding a partner that is compatible for us. We worry deeply about being hurt again and still hold unresolved issues from a past relationship, despite this having no bearing the future whatsoever.

We can help you in a current relationship also, with negative cycles, such as jealousy or trust issues. Or having to deal with a repeated argument that does not seem to shift, keeping you stuck in the same story.


We can also work on dynamics, the ability to maintain being true to ourselves within the infrastructure of a relationship, the intimate energy between two people. We need to be able to be ourselves and be independent within the relationship also, it is a fine balance that can be out of kilter for many reasons, both past and present. In order to find happiness and fulfilment with another person, we have to understand how this works, let go of co-dependence and self-sabotage completely. Your subconscious can store vital information which we can explore in depth during a session.

Sometimes we can be out of a relationship for a long time even though we desperately want to find love with the right person. There are a number of reasons why we find ourselves single despite our best efforts.


We can help you move on from a difficult relationship – we are sometimes overwhelmed with loss, very similar to grief. This can be a very emotional time, even traumatic.


We can also help you have a better relationship with yourself via hypnosis. We often have blocks and issues stemming from past problem areas, lurking around our subconscious and stored in our nervous systems. We really can resolve these barriers in order for you to grow and evolve into your best self and find that connection deep within as well as from a lover.