Relationship issues

Whether you are looking for love and subconsciously looking in the wrong places or picking partners who are not healthy for your wellbeing then Hypnotherapy can help you.


It is often our fears and insecurities which prevent us from finding a partner that is compatible for us.


Or we fear being hurt again and still hold unresolved issues from a past relationship.


We can help you in a current relationship with negative cycles such as jealousy or trust issues.


We can also work on confidence and maintaining being true to ourselves in order to find happiness with another person.

Sometimes we can be out of a relationship for a long time even though we desperately want to find love with the right partner.


There are a number of reasons why we find ourselves single despite our best efforts.


We can also help you move on from a difficult relationship when we are so overwhelmed with loss, very similar to grief. This can be a very emotional time.


We can help you have a better relationship with yourself via hypnosis. We often have blocks and issues stemming from past problem areas. We really can resolve these barriers in order for you to grow and evolve into your best self.


We recommend 6 sessions.

Please contact the clinic for a complimentary 20 minute consultation